نَشِيط \ agile: able to move one’s body quickly and easily: Forest monkeys are very agile. brisk: quick; active: a brisk walk; a brisk sale of goods. energetic: full of energy; not lazy; very active: an energetic worker. fresh: cool and clean, not tired: I felt fresher after a swim. industrious: (of a person) hard-working. lively: gay; full of spirit: a lively old lady. spirited: courageous and determined; full of life: a spirited attack; a spirited horse. sprightly: cheerful and full of life. spry: (esp. of old people) lively; active. virile: showing the strength and powers of a man. youthful: young, esp. in appearance or behaviour: a youthful leader. \ See Also رشيق (رَشيق)، سريع (سَريع)، خَفيف الحركة

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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